My name is Richard. I am a 33 year old foodie who lives just outside of Manchester, a rainy city in the North West of England.
I love home cooking and I like to do it right. My wife often complains that I spend too long cooking and make things that are “too fancy”, but she soon stops moaning once she starts eating!
I’m a nerd at heart and I work in IT. I think some of this spills over into my cooking style. I love to use modern techniques at home, such as cooking sous-vide, but I also realise that a lot of cooking gadgets are just gimmicks. In this blog I’ll talk about how to get the best results with a fairly modestly equipped kitchen.
For me it’s about flavour over style. I’m not running a restaurant, so my dishes don’t always look the best. However, I only eat things if they bring me joy, so they have to taste fantastic. Well, after a few practices anyway!